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Egyptians Shine Light On Obama’s Disastrous Middle East Policy

The people in Egypt have made it clear they do not like President Obama.  Obama’s support for their ousted leader, Mohamed Morsi, did not sit well with the Egyptians and they wasted no time in displaying their displeasure during protests over the last few days.

Obama has claimed that the United States isn’t aligned with or supporting any particular group or political party.  His actions tell a different story.  Obama gave Egyptian President Morsi $250 million in March in addition to 200 Abrams tanks and 12 F-16s, with 8 more to be delivered by the end of the year. Pretty strong support for the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Morsi is a member.

The White House released a statement which said, “The United States categorically rejects the false claims propagated by some in Egypt that we are working with specific political parties or movements to dictate how Egypt’s transition should proceed.  We remain committed to the Egyptian people and their aspiration for democracy, economic opportunity and dignity.  But the future path of Egypt can only be determined by the Egyptian people.”

Well the Egyptian people certainly are determining their own path, having ousted the Muslim Brotherhood’s man, Mohamed Morsi.  And in the process they have shown clear contempt for Obama and his ambassador in Egypt, Anne Patterson, for supporting Morsi. 

While all the turmoil in Egypt continues, the civil war in Syria rages on and protests in Turkey abound, Secretary of State John Kerry is being dispatched to deal with the country Obama sees as the regional problem – Israel. 

Could Obama’s Middle East policy possibly be more preposterous?


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