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Democrats Caught Lying About Obamacare Exemption

100509_vitter_landrieu_ap_218I’m not the least bit surprised to read that Democrats in Congress have been lying to their constituents about their exemption from Obamacare.  Senator David Vitter (R-LA) has been trying to get an amendment passed that would end exemptions for elected officals (good luck with that!) and has produced documentation to back up his claim that some have been denying the existence of the exemption. Yesterday, Vitter’s office released a letter that Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) sent to a constituent.  She said the claim that politicians are getting special treatment “could not be further from the truth.  Once again, let me assure you that there is no exemption for Members of Congress and their staff in the Affordable Care Act, nor will I ever support an ‘exemption’ for myself or my staff.”

Senator Vitter also released a letter he sent to the same constituent in which he said, “Senator Landrieu is trying to mislead you, to put it kindly.  Others might say she is lying.  As you have no doubt read, President Obama recently issued a special rule for Congress only.  Under it, Congress and congressional staff get a special subsidy to purchase health insurance on the Obamacare Exchange unavailable to every other American at similar income levels.  That special subsidy is worth approximately $11,000 per family.”

These two senators from the same state have had an extremely bitter political relationship for years and I’m sure this won’t improve things.  But, with the evidence produced by Sen. Vitter it is clear that Sen. Landrieu flat-out lied about having an exemption.  I would like to see her explanation for her claim that there is no exemption.

The fact that Democrats lie about having an exemption is all the proof I need to know that they are completely aware of what the majority of the public thinks about Obamacare.  They don’t want people to know they themselves are not subject to the law they passed.  Not subjecting themselves to the same law the serfs, er, citizens are subjected to is blatant elitism.  And I’m not the least bit surprised at that, either.


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  • Good observations, Charles. If the Democrats thought Obamacare was such a great plan, why are they taking advantage of the exemption and why are they lying about it? Those are questions I would like to see answered.

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