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Conservatives: Political Undertakers?

From “Origins of the Fourth World War” by J.R. Nyquist, 1999, Black Forest Press

“And what have our cherishers of old bones not done to breathe life back into various dead bits and pieces?  What of our so-called conservatives who dawdle as political Frankensteins, each with his own grave robber’s collection of impolite body parts, trying to sew up a complete corpse?  Can they actually bring anything back to life?

No, of course not.  For there is not any wholeness or any wholesomeness in what they have assembled; no functioning organ of nutrition, no unity of style, no agreement on method of purpose; no organic cohesion except as necessitated by common enemies; namely, by communists and nihilists.  It turns out that the enemies of conservatism are the glue that holds the conservatives together – which is ominous.

To elaborate further – Modern conservatism is an anarchy of ideas and poses stemming from our nostalgia for what is gone.  The conservative, superficially, is a worshipper of old ruts.  But underneath he is modern, he is liberal; employing liberal means which are but homage to the liberal end.  Our conservatives no longer have anything to conserve.  Conservatism, therefore, as it fails to regenerate dead tissue, has become the work of political undertakers whose job it is to make the corpse appear better than it did in life.  But despite all this cosmetology, the corpse grows riper and riper.  We hear the cries for more and more perfume: drug czars, education reforms, commissions on corruption, pornography and crime.  In the final analysis, the valiant campaign against decomposition becomes increasingly shrill as the body politic continues to deteriorate.”

origins of the fourth world war

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