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Chicago Gun Control Targets Restaurants

The Chicago City Council has decided to strengthen their gun control laws by targeting and financially damaging local businesses that don’t ban guns.  The Chicago Tribune has the story.

The council adopted a plan to revoke liquor licenses from restaurants that do not ban firearms.

It’s the City Council’s latest attempt to toughen Chicago’s gun laws despite a federally mandated state law passed by the General Assembly allowing concealed handguns to be carried.

Gun rights advocates have promised a lawsuit. Ald. Edward Burke, 14th, said the law firm Jenner & Block has pledged to defend the city in court for free if such a suit is filed.

After the vote, Mayor Rahm Emanuel told reporters that outlawing guns from businesses that serve alcohol is common sense. Society and the nation say “you’re not supposed to drink and drive. You’re clearly not supposed to drink and shoot,” he said.

imagesCAH89XPZThis is what they do in Chicago instead of doing something about the murder rate.  So far this year, Chicago had about 27 percent more murders than New York City, which has three times the population. And Chicago had about 49 percent more murders than Los Angeles, which has 40 percent more people, according to statistics from the three police departments.  Clearly, gun control doesn’t work.  And what do liberals do when their plans fail?  They double down push and their gun control laws even harder.  Does the Chicago City Council think the murder problem is caused by restaurants allowing legally carried concealed weapons?  They must because if not, that means they are needlessly targeting Chicago businesses and attempting to do them financial harm as retaliation for allowing customers to claim the Constitutional right to bear arms.  Not really all that surprising for Chicago.  When corrupt politicians have ruled for decades it’s no surprise that their laws target law-abiding business people and do absolutely nothing about the murderous thugs that infest their city.  I wonder if the Godfather Rahm Emanuel would like to take a walk on the south side of Chicago after dark, without his bodyguards.  Probably not.


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