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Health Exchange Website: Just Another Nigerian 419

If you’ve had an email account for more than a week you’ve probably received an email claiming to be from a lawyer, minister, widow or other such person who asks in broken English for your assistance in getting a sum of money, usually in the millions of dollars, out of their country before it is seized by the government. For your help you will receive ten percent of said funds. All this anonymous person needs to complete the transaction is your full name, date of birth and bank account information. In reality, all you receive for your trouble is an empty bank account. Countless people have let their greed and stupidity make them victims of these scams, known as a Nigerian 419. While this type of scam is not limited to Nigeria, that country is where the scam supposedly originated and it has a reputation for being the center of email scams. The article of the Nigerian Criminal Code dealing […] → Keep reading

Drones In My State? Yes, Please

Drones have been given a bad name. Mention the word drone and most people will automatically think of a Predator launching Hellfire missiles to obliterate a target. Drone use at this point is primarily military and their role in the killing of people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia has been extremely controversial in some circles. Some say the attacks are illegal assassinations and others say those killed are terrorists and are therefore legitimate targets.

Without delving into the merits or ethics of using drones to launch attacks, there are many other uses for drones that are being summarily dismissed by many people based on the belief that drones would violate privacy or be launching Hellfire missiles here in the United States.

Here in Oklahoma, Governor Fallin formed the Governor’s Unmanned Aerial Systems Council with a goal of lobbying for commercial drone test sites in Oklahoma and luring more military contractors to the state. Oklahoma’s Secretary of Science […] → Keep reading

The Unbelieving Left

One of the more interesting apps on my iPhone is called Show of Hands. It’s a polling app in which people can vote for one of two answers to a variety of questions. The results are, of course, limited to iPhone users who have the app installed and take the time to vote. But, while the results are not scientific and not necessarily a valid representation of the entire country, the percentage breakdown of political parties is sometimes very telling.

One of the past week’s questions was: Do you believe the Easter story as told in the New Testament is historically accurate?

National vote count: 6752 Yes: 51% No: 49%

Democrat votes: 1689 Yes: 29% No: 71%

Republican votes: 1959 Yes: 77% No: 23%

Independent votes: 1474 Yes: 45% No: 55%

I’m very surprised that 71% of Democrats who responded don’t believe the resurrection of Jesus Christ is historically accurate. I would have thought the percentage would be closer to […] → Keep reading