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Amnesty for Who?

immigrationcrimeWith all the hullabaloo about amnesty I thought it would be a good idea to take a step back and look at it a different way.  Instead of discussing whether or not to grant amnesty, let’s look at just who is it a lot of people in Congress are wanting to give amnesty.

A brief description:  They enter illegally, knowing they are breaking the law.  Some commit their crime while armed.  They sometimes coordinate their activities so as to avoid detection.  They do damage to property while illegally entering.  Funds have to be spent to try and prevent them from entering.  Once they have entered they take things to which they are not entitled, causing financial burden.  They cause more money to be spent on the justice system.  They cause people living in certain areas to feel unsecured in their homes.  They cause insurance rates to go up.  Some have terrorized people who caught them in the act.  On occasion, they have killed people.  Our prisons have many who have committed this crime.

Should people who fit this description really be receiving amnesty?  Not all will fit this entire description, but all are criminals just by entering illegally.  Should criminals receive amnesty?  The Democrats and a lot of Republicans obviously believe so.  That being the case, there is another group of people who also fit the same description who are being ignored.  Why shouldn’t they also receive amnesty?  They have done no worse than the illegal immigrants.  I’m referring, of course, to burglars.  Think about it.  Burglars and illegal immigrants have a lot in common, the main difference being the illegals break into the country and steal from all of us, where as the burglar steals only from the owner of whatever structure they burglarize.

If amnesty is good enough for one group of people who enters illegally and steals, why is it not good enough for the other group who enters illegally and steals?

I am, of course, not serious about granting amnesty to burglars, but the similarities between the two highlight the absurdity of granting amnesty to anyone.  We all know what’s going on here.  The Democrats want to grant amnesty to get millions of more Democrat voters.  The Republicans stupidly want to grant amnesty to pander to the Hispanics, who never vote Republican anyway.  Both are hell-bent on legalizing criminals, destroying our country and economy in the process.  If they are going to give amnesty to people who enter illegally and steal I would actually prefer it be the burglars.  At least they are American citizens.

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