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I am a native Oklahoman, technology addict, political junkie, blogger, fisherman, and Sooner fan. 

My interest in politics goes way back to when Jimmy Carter was president, which was well before I was old enough to vote.  Getting most of my education during the Reagan years, I was fortunate to be shaping the ideals for my adult life at a time when our country had a conservative and a real leader in the White House.  I would still be a conservative today but I consider the Reagan years to be a bonus to my education in that I was able to see the effect on our nation when true conservative policies were enacted.  To me, those years are the measuring stick for all presidents who have followed Reagan.

My blog is mostly political with some occasional cultural posts.  I do post on local and state politics when there is something on which I wish to comment.

Thanks for checking out my blog.

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