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About That Empty Seat at the State of the Union

The White House has announced that there will be an empty seat next to Michelle Obama this evening at the State of the Union speech, to represent victims of gun violence. A White House official said the seat would be for “victims of gun violence who no longer have a voice – because they need the rest of us to speak for them.”

This isn’t all that surprising, considering the continuing war on guns and the 2nd Amendment that has been waged by this administration. Obama’s unconstitutional executive action on guns last week is just another assault on the right of citizens to be armed. The empty seat at tonight’s speech is a blatant appeal to emotion. Liberals have a history of using emotion, rather than pragmatism, to push their agenda and they’ve had success with that in the past. Pragmatism exposes liberal policies for the failures that they are and will never find a place in the liberal playbook.

If Obama truly wants to have an empty seat represent victims who no longer have a voice, there are a few others who
should be considered.

  • The Benghazi Four – Chris Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith. He and Hillary Clinton abandoned them and left them to die.
  • Colleen Hufford – You probably don’t know who she is. She was murdered and beheaded at her workplace by a Muslim convert. He was attacking a second employee with a knife when he was shot by another employee.
  • The thirteen soldiers and civilians who were murdered by a Muslim at Fort Hood. The Obama administration classified the shooting as ‘workplace violence’ rather than terrorism.
  • Homeless veterans who have died. Meanwhile, the Obama administration works to bring in 10,000 Syrian refugees and allocates services and support for them.
  • Kate Steinle – Murdered by an illegal immigrant. She is probably the most publicized murder victim of the more than a hundred people who have been murdered by illegals.
  • More than fifty-eight million aborted babies since 1973.

No doubt there are many others who could be added to this list, but there’s no way Obama would ever consider any of them for his empty seat. Advancing the liberal agenda is the goal here and reminding people of those who have been killed because of liberal policies wouldn’t help their cause.

Most people don’t know enough about our nation’s history to know that from 1801 to 1913 the State of the Union address was written and sent to Congress to be read into the record by a clerk. Woodrow Wilson re-established the practice of delivering the address in person. Since then the address has changed into quite the spectacle, with the president and others having guests in attendance (or an empty chair) that will somehow publicize or advance their causes. It’s an evening show, not an address, and Obama knows how to put on a good show. Perhaps he’ll even shed more tears as he refers to the empty chair as reasons why we should support the further unconstitutional actions he will take this year on guns. I won’t be watching and neither will any of the people in my list above. And they don’t get an empty chair.

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