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20 Lies That Liberals Believe

Over the past few weeks, I have collected a list of lies that liberals have been promulgating thru various outlets. Not all liberals necessarily believe every one of these lies, but I have no doubt that all liberals believe most of them.

Do any conservatives believe some of these lies? Perhaps, and if you do, I’m afraid your membership in the OK Politechs Conservative Clubâ„¢ is going to have to go up for review.

  1. College basketball players who might possibly believe that homosexuality is a sin should not be allowed to play in the NCAA basketball tournament.
  2. Kids in cages at border detention facilities prior to Biden’s inauguration – Evil. Kids in cages at border detention facilities after Biden’s inauguration – Not a story.
  3. The President of the United States having to use a picture book at a press conference is not concerning.
  4. When cops shoot someone it’s because cops are bad. When anyone else shoots someone it’s because guns are bad.
  5. It is impossible to be racist against white people.
  6. The illegitimacy rate among the major races has no correlation to median household income.
  7. An open southern border with illegal immigrants streaming into our country during an alleged pandemic is not a problem.
  8. The filibuster must be eliminated because it is racist. (2020 filibuster use: Republicans – 1 time, Democrats – 327 times)
  9. A mentally ill man who believes himself to be a woman is qualified to be the assistant secretary of health.
  10. Showing ID to vote is a “voting restriction” but showing ID to drive a car, apply for a job, enroll in school, get on a plane, open a bank account or go to a doctor’s appointment is not.
  11. White-on-black crime should be the lead story. Black-on-white crime should be ignored.
  12. It is racist to save black babies from abortion. (Democrat Senator Tammy Duckworth actually said this.)
  13. Buying a gun is easier than registering to vote.
  14. Wealth is evil unless it is wealth owned by a liberal.
  15. Words are violence.
  16. It is possible to be both pro-choice and Christian.
  17. Electric cars should be mandated. Also, coal plants used to provide electricity to run these cars should be eliminated.
  18. Abortion is health care.
  19. Evil can be legislated away.
  20. People should not have guns because the police will be there to defend them. Also, the police are racist and evil so defund and eliminate the police.

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