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100 Reasons to Vote for Romney and Against Obama

button2Bob Ewoldt at Brevis has a list of one hundred reasons to vote for Mitt Romney and against Barack Obama.  Just in glancing at the list I was overwhelmed with the complete failure of the Obama presidency and all the destruction and corruption he has facilitated in the last four years.  And yet, there are still millions of people who think he is wonderful and want him to have another four years.  I just don’t understand the thinking of those people.
I’ve selected from the list five reasons to vote for Romney and five reasons to vote against Obama.  There are so, so many reasons to boot Obama that it was difficult to choose the five against him.  If you want to read the entire list please use the link at the bottom to head over to Bob’s page.

13. Solyndra. The recipient of $500 million in a sweetheart deal ended up in bankruptcy. An epic waste.

21. Paul Ryan. It shows that Romney’s judgment is reliable. It also says he’s very serious about the budget, deficit and debt.

41. Mitt Romney experience at Bain Consulting and Bain Capital. The records of both are extraordinary. Bain Capital was perhaps the most successful investment firm in the 1990s, when Romney was at the helm. Successes like Staples. This experience taught him about creating jobs and about the economy.

44. Mitt Romney’s charitable giving. It’s huge. He’s given away $30 million over 20 years, and that’s not counting what he might have made if he’d kept that money (the opportunity cost of charitable giving). Mitt Romney is the most generous of any presidential candidate. And it’s not timed for political gain. His giving goes back 20 years. He gave sacrificially even when he was poor and in business school.

46. President Obama has deceived the country about the deficit and debt and his plan to raise taxes. He’s insisted that the deficit and debt can be solved by raising taxes on people making $250,000 or more. That’s a lie. Some people say that it will raise 10% of the deficit. Some say that it will completely collapse economic growth. But no one says that it will raise more than 10% of the deficit.

60. Fast and Furious. The idea of walking guns into Mexico is absurd. And it killed a U.S. border agent, as well as at least 16 Mexican nationals (that we know about).

68. President Obama jammed Obamacare down the throat of America after Scott Brown was elected in Massachusetts to fill Senator Ted Kennedy’s seat specifically to provide a 41st vote to kill it. Despite enormous majorities against Obamacare, the president pushed it through. What does it say about his indifference to the people he leads?

76. Mitt Romney deals candidly with issues. He gets datasets. He consults experts. He was elected by Democrats because they had a huge deficit, and he dealt with the issue quickly.

83. President Obama lied about the attack on our consulate in Benghazi in a Univision interview, long after everybody (including Susan Rice) had admitted it was a terrorist attack. We know that it was a terrorist attack, and the president continues to try to place blame elsewhere.

99. Mitt Romney is committed to 340 ships in the U.S. Navy. In a speech to the Citadel last year, said that we’ve got to go to 340 ships, we’ve got to build 9 per year instead of 5, and we’ve got to build the sort of ships that we need, instead of the types of ships that President Obama is deploying. We’ve got to maintain a blue-water navy that is second to none.

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