The Fictional Conservatism of Donald J. Trump

Republican presidential candidate Trump gestures and declares "You're fired!" at a rally in ManchesterIt has been baffling me of late why some Republican voters think Donald Trump is a conservative.  Because he says he is?  Because he’s said a few things you like about immigration or ISIS?  Because he’s an enemy of the liberal GOP establishment?  Because he’s a political outsider?  Because he speaks rudely to the media?

Conservative economist Thomas Sowell also appears bewildered, writing “Today’s big puzzle is how so many otherwise rational people have become enamored of Donald Trump, projecting onto him virtues and principles that he clearly does not have, and ignoring gross defects that are all too blatant.”

Whatever the reason, the fact remains that many honestly believe Donald Trump to be a conservative and, therefore, a great candidate for the Republican nomination for president.


An examination of his record proves to someone who can be honest with themselves that Donald Trump is no more a conservative than Barack Obama.

Consider the following

Muskogee Politico – In the past twenty-some years, and as recently as four years:

  • Trump was registered as a Democrat, then an Independent.
  • Trump supported abortion.
  • Trump support “assault” weapon bans and longer waiting periods for purchasing firearms.
  • Trump supported single-payer, socialized healthcare.
  • Trump supported massive tax increases.
  • Trump donated to liberals like Clinton, Schumer, Emanuel, the DSCC and DCCC.
  • Trump said his pro-partial birth abortion sister (a federal judge) would be a “phenomenal” Supreme Court justice.
  • Trump said Mitt Romney was too “mean-spirited” on illegal immigration.

Do these sound like the positions of a conservative?  Just when exactly was it that Trump had an epiphany and abandoned his liberal ideals? 

Breitbart has a well-researched article outlining the flip-flops of Donald Trump and his liberal positions on issues including immigration, foreign policy, abortion, homosexual marriage, campaign finance reform, education, healthcare, taxes and trade.

Should Trump end up being the Republican nominee for president I think he would be unbeatable in the general election.  His liberal positions on many issues will appeal to Democrats who don’t want the self-defined socialist, Bernie Sanders, should he be the Democrat nominee, or Hillary Clinton, who might end up being indicted before long.  Republicans who vote for him will do so either out of a misguided belief that he is a conservative or simply because they don’t want Clinton or Sanders. 

Ah, yes, that misguided belief that he is a conservative. 

Dr. Everett Piper, president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, responded to that better than anyone else that I’ve read.

“Anyone who is pro-abortion is not on my side. Anyone who calls women “pigs,” “ugly,” “fat” and “pieces of a–” is not on my side. Anyone who mocks the handicapped is not on my side. Anyone who has argued the merits of a government takeover of banks, student loans, the auto industry and healthcare is not on my side. Anyone who has been on the cover of Playboy and proud of it, who brags of his sexual history with multiple women and who owns strip clubs in his casinos is not on my side. Anyone who believes the government can wrest control of the definition of marriage from the church is not on my side. Anyone who ignores the separation of powers and boasts of making the executive branch even more imperial is not on my side.

I’m a conservative. I believe in conserving the dignity of life. I believe in conserving respect for women. I believe in conserving the Constitution. I believe in conserving private property, religious liberty and human freedom. I believe in morality more than I do in money. I hold to principles more than I yearn for power. I trust my Creator more than I do human character. I’d like to think that all this, and more, makes me an informed and thoughtful citizen and voter. I’ve read, I’ve listened and I’ve studied and there is NOTHING, absolutely nothing, in this man’s track record that makes Donald Trump “on my side.”

So all you Trumpers out there, vote for the man if you want to.  But don’t try to sell me on the lie that he is a conservative, because he very clearly is not.  If you want to support a pro-abortion, adulterous man who has said he’s done nothing for which he needs to repent, go right ahead.  Just don’t expect me to join you.  Donald Trump is not on my side.

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5 comments to The Fictional Conservatism of Donald J. Trump

  • Charles, I could not agree with you more. For months, I have sat back and shook my head at what was happening. How so many people, most of whom should know better, can be so enamored with Donald Trump, is beyond my comprehension. He is not a conservative. Instead, he is someone who is very adept at saying what he knows so many people want to hear. I do not trust him, not even a little.

    • Billiam

      Agree totally. By the way, Larry, you need to start writing on your blog again. No offense to the others, but, YOU need to write once in a while..

      • I would also like to see Larry write again, but I completely understand the lack of desire to do so. One look at my blog archives and you’ll see I haven’t exactly been motivated to write for quite awhile. When it no longer is enjoyable and seems more like a job is when it’s time to take a break.

        • Billiam

          I know what you mean about no longer being enjoyable. These days, it’s hard to find hope for a Nation with so many foolish people who care not a whit about a candidate’s character, nor do they have any inclination to want to live under The Constitution. They lack the foresight to see the results of their perfidy.

    • I believe the success he is having is an indication of the sorry status of our country and also of the Republican Party. That a liberal like Trump can receive the overwhelming support of so many self-described Republicans says to me that the soul of the GOP has shifted further left than I had thought. If he manages to win the nomination I truly believe that conservatism as a doctrine of the GOP will be dead and buried.

      Also, since the Democrats have shifted even further to the left of Obama by embracing the socialist Bernie Sanders, it should not really be surprising that the Republicans have also shifted left as a party and are now embracing a liberal who, at one time, would have been even too liberal for the Democrats.

      As morality, ethics and personal responsibility have become more and more diminished in people’s personal lives it follows that the same would happen to the politicians who are embraced by the people. The quote that “every country gets the government it deserves” has been attributed to several men in history, but the caveat is authentic. Will Trump be the leader we deserve? I certainly hope we have not sunk that far yet.