Health Care Is Not a Right

Liberals are determined to make health care a right. It isn’t a right, but since when did truth stop liberals from squawking on and on about what they want. By calling health care a right, what they’re really saying is that the government should pay for it for everyone. There’s a word for that – socialism. But that’s the Democratic Party today, socialists one and all.

While there can be no argument that health care is a necessity, that does not make it a right. Food, shelter and clothing are all necessities but that doesn’t mean the government should provide everyone with them.

Ask a liberal to find health care in the Bill of Rights. Pack a lunch because you’re going to be there awhile. Most liberals probably have no clue what is in the Bill of Rights. The Declaration of Independence says that we have the unalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Having those rights does not mean the government or our fellow citizens are required to provide us with the means to live our […] → Keep reading