Making a Murderer – Of Course Steven Avery Did It

averyAfter being mercilessly hounded by coworkers I finally gave in and marathoned Making a Murderer on Netflix. Coworkers gave me a brief synopsis of the events it covered and assured me of the outrage I would feel as I watched police misconduct send two men to prison for a murder they didn’t commit.

If you’re not familiar with the series, here is a very short summary of what it is about. Over ten, hour-long episodes the documentary covers Steven Avery’s wrongful conviction for rape in 1985 which sent him to prison, his exoneration by DNA after eighteen years, his lawsuit against the Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department, the disappearance of Teresa Halbach in 2005, Avery’s arrest and conviction for Halbach’s murder, and the conviction of Avery’s nephew, Brendan Dassey, for his role in Halbach’s murder.

Having finished all the episodes, I have to say to coworkers and all the Steven Avery fans out there, he and Dassey are both guilty as sin.  The only outrage is that this ‘documentary’ was allowed to be broadcast.

Although I would agree the series is compelling and a rare chance to watch a murder case from start to finish, it was quite evident from the beginning that the filmmakers had an agenda and were presenting only the defense. Not only that, but it’s been well reported that some of the evidence that looked very bad for Avery was left out of the series completely. All documentaries have an agenda of one kind or another and this one was no exception.

The number of people who watched the series and were immediately convinced of Avery and Dassey’s innocence should not be surprising. In the day and age when so many apparently think socialism is the direction our country should be headed, it should not be the least bit surprising that many watched a ten-hour, one-sided documentary and convinced themselves they knew more than the police, the prosecutors and the juries. It’s amazing how many people out there think their Netflix subscription came with a law degree and watching some CSI episodes makes them an expert in forensics.

It’s very telling that over four hundred thousand people signed an online petition to President Obama demanding that he pardon Steven Avery, completely ignorant of the fact that Obama does not have the power to pardon someone convicted of state crimes, not federal crimes.

Watching the documentary gives the viewer a one-sided presentation of the events. Anyone wanting the full, unbiased story is forced to look elsewhere for more information. I highly recommend Dan O’Donnell’s podcast series, Rebutting a Murderer. Dan is a reporter for WISN radio and he was in the courtroom for Avery’s entire trial.

I just have to shake my head at all the crackpot theories I’ve read about who ‘really’ committed the murder. Her brother did it. Her ex-boyfriend did it. The Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Department did it. Dassey’s brother did it. Avery’s brothers did it. Her brother and ex-boyfriend did it and then the police planted the evidence. Dassey’s brother did it and then the police planted the evidence. She’s not really dead. A 72-year-old serial killer who only killed on Halloween did it and set up Avery. She committed suicide and the police framed Avery.

Maybe the CIA did it. Or how about Martians. Or maybe the same vast, right-wing conspiracy that’s after Hillary Clinton. Maybe the shooter from the grassy knoll. Maybe Teresa Halbach is really on a resort island somewhere with Elvis.

Or maybe, just maybe, Brendan Dassey told the truth in his three and a half hour confession when he said he and Avery raped Teresa Halbach, murdered her and burned her body. And maybe, just maybe, the physical evidence dovetails with that confession because Dassey was telling the truth. It’s mind-boggling that people will come up with outlandish theories of what might have happened while completely dismissing a confession and evidence that corroborates that confession.

Law enforcement has been given a bad rap by the media in the past few years. The shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore and other cases have been used to cultivate distrust of the police. Making a Murderer accomplishes nothing other than to further propagate animus toward the police.

Steven Avery will spend the rest of his life in prison. Brendan Dassey will be eligible for parole in 2048. They’re both where they belong. Don’t let a biased, one-sided piece of propaganda convince you otherwise.

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  • Josh

    First of all everyone is entitled to there opinion. 2nd the documentary may have looked one sided agreed. However the court transcripts are available to the public for free now! Many professor’s of law both in the US and abroad are making there opinion of the matter public. I am sure that a professor of law would rather read court transcript than a documentary. So that when there opinion is publicized they receive the least ridicule possible. I have read the transcripts all 5,333 pages of the Avery case. So let’s begin your opinion on his undoubted guilt is backed by what the documentary, court transcripts or the hearsay and midea? From what you are saying is that without a reasonable doubt you think Steven Avery and Brendon Dassey brutally raped, stabbed, slaughtered, shot, transported and burned Teresa in 3 separate locations. Let’s get to the hard evidence the forensics will start there. The state originally described the rape and murder to happen in Averys bedroom knowing that there was no blood or DNA evidence to back there theory whatsoever. Then the state moved the murder scene to Averys shop 4 months later mind you. Once again not having blood or DNA to justify such a horrifically gruesome murder. So you have the argument that they cleaned everything up to ellud the forensic investigation. Notice all the pictures of the shop everything still had dirt, dust and grime everywhere. I’m sorry sir but to effectively rid that shop of blood and DNA from stab wounds and high velocity spatter from multiple gunshot wounds the greater majority of the shop would have had to be wiped down. Let’s talk about the concrete floor of the shop. Concrete is a unique substance very dry in nature and is somewhat a wick for any type of moisture via oil, water, blood ect. Next time you have a cut or nose bleed drop a drip onto the concrete. Allow it to stay for approximately 30 minutes or so “long enough to say murder and move a body to a different location”. Then try and clean that blood drip you may be able to clean a lot from the drip but you will never get the blood that the concrete absorbed. Now times this by 2 or 3 quarts of blood on the concrete. She was slaughtered and shot there correct. So there is approximately 5 quarts of blood in body a lot would have made it onto the concrete floor of the shop considering how she allegedly died. Now this brings us to Brendan the shop obviously was never cleaned nor was the bedroom so where is Dasseys DNA? Oh that’s right the state couldn’t pin the suspect with the confession to ANY of the suggested murder scenes via DNA or any other non bias scientific analysis that normally take rank in any other trial. So you have a confession from a 16 year old boy that was investigated w/out a legal guardian or lawyer multiple times and absolutely no form of DNA to actually prove he was there. I’m assuming that you actually understand the amount of things that fall from the body containing DNA in a normal day. But we are not talking about a normal day. That woman would have been fighting for her life and Avery and Dassey would have been struggling against her. So the amount of DNA would be multiplied by a significant amount during this confrontation. Letso talk about the KEY. Teresa own the Rav4 for about 8 years her DNA profile was never reported on the key or lanyard. Avery has key for possibly 5 to 8 days and it tests positive for his DNA hmmm. Oh who found the key that’s right Link and Colburn on there 8th search in a 10×10 bedroom. The same officers who are personally responsible for his 36 million dollar lawsuit and would be facing federal charges of injustice if the lawsuit was won. By the way the second witness in the transcript says that she had more than one key on her key ring. Sour where are the other keys surely the would be covered in Averys DNA to he had to take them off the keyring right? While we are on the subject why wasn’t Averysure lawyers able to conduct private lab tests on these DNA covered items. Surely it would only help to convict Avery right? Ahh yes but the state wouldn’t allow that wonder why? Now let’s jump forward 4 months later when the bullet was found in the shop. So who where the officers that where at the shop first four months later. Oh yes it was Link and Colburn that was at the shop the night before the bullet was found. They also said that the bullet came from Averys gun. Well the only way to identify exactly the gun that bullet was fired from is to test it’s rifling groves to see if they are consistent with the groves in that specific gun. Why where these riflin test results never presented in court without them you cannot tie a bullet to a single gun at all. So what the state says is that because Steven Avery owns a .22 caliber rifle that the bullet had to come from him. Well that presumably suggests that anyone who owns a .22 caliber rifle killed her! Without the rifling test you cannot pinpoint a bullet to the exact gun. Alright we have two crime scenes with absolutely no forensic evidence that a brutal murder was committed. We have a suspect with a confession that has no DNA evidence that he was in ANY WAY there to witness or take part in the murder. You have a keyring with missing keys and a DNA result on the keyring that is highly questionable especially sense state wouldn’t allow private lab tests. A bullet that wad found 4 months later and confirmed to be contaminated by the lab. All of which are found by Link and Colburn who where involved personally with Avery Lawsuit and where subject to conflict of interest buy the state. This leads us to the only suggestive evidence the remains outside Averys shop in the burn pit. Well Bobby Dassey and his dad had remains in the burn barrel behind there house that holds just as much credibility and the rock quarry the owners of that facility and it’s employees remains where found on that property as well. But Steven had to do it because the remains where found there. We’ll that presumption holds true for Bobby and father as well as the owners and employees of the quarry sense remains where found there as well doesn’t it. Now the big one the Rav4 when Avery was detained the only reported injury was a cut on his LEFT hand kinda fresh. Averys blood was found in the rav4 OK well the only cut was on his left hand. If he was able to transfer blood from his injury to the rav4 he couldn’t have been waring gloves correct? If he wasn’t waring gloves where are all the finger prints? If he was waring gloves then how did the blood transfer to the rav4 from the cut on his finger? Absolutely impossible argument does not add up whatsoever. The rav4 was brought to the Avery property via the rock quarry that’s the only other way to access the property besides taking Avery Rd. Just so happens that the rav4 was found on the parts of there property that backed the quarry. You know the dirt that is kicked up onto the side of your car by the tires. If you look closely at those areas on the rav4 pics from its investigation you will notice the white dusty dirt that is in those locations. What color is the roads in the quarry you guessed it powdery white. The Averys entire scrap yard is dirty muddy brown color paths. AND THE BIGGEST MYSTERY OF ALL COLBURN IDENTIFYS EXACT LICENSE PLATE NUMBERS AS WELL AS MAKE AND MODEL ON NOVEMBER 3 TWO DAYS PRIOR TO IT BEING FOUND AT AVERY YARD ON THE 5TH AND TERESA’S MISSING PERSONS REPORT WAS ISSUED ON THE MORNING OF NOVEMBER 3 A FEW HOURS BEFORE COLBURN CONTACTED DISPATCH WITH PLATES AND DESCRIPTION. WHAT IS YOUR ANSWER TO THAT SIGNIFICANT PIECE OF ENFORMATION? I would like to know your detailed reasoning as to his guilt because I don’t see it. Forensics don’t add up theorys don’t physically match the science of the crime scene. Please shine some light on your guilt theory for me if you can plz

    • Josh, first of all, thanks for reading and the comment. Second, you really need to learn how to use paragraphs to organize and separate your thoughts. And please, learn the difference between there and their. You almost lost me just with your first sentence.

      • Josh

        Well I apologize for that. I don’t claim to be a weekend csi agent oresponsible an english major. However I can connect common sense with evidence or the lack of as most people can. I find it satisfing that you choose to comment on me instead of backing the theory. I would think that a person of your “intelligence” could nail down your theory and dispute mine. So I’m still waiting on reasoning behind your strongly felt guilt theory!

        • If you’ve listened to Dan O’Donnell’s podcast series then you have heard my reasoning. If you haven’t listened yet, I highly recommend the series.

          • hos_gotta_eat_too


            Your article is…i’m sorry. Tripe.

            You lost this the second you used Dan O’Donnel’s podcast as a source for inspiration. Dan O’Donnel shares nothing original. He spews out the exact same rhetoric that Ken Kratz did when he was going on his “press tour”.

            Sadly my Netflix subscription did not come with a forensics or law degree. Luckily I have common sense.

            Let’s play a game.

            Let’s say you remove anything law enforcement COULD have carried or parked on Avery’s property. his blood, her car, the key, the bullet, the bones, her PDA..(don’t worry, they are still there, and he is still in prison..but just for this game, humor me). Now, let’s remove Brendan’s confession…because of the controversy that it was co-erced. Now, without that confession…Brendan is Steven’s alibi. Okay, ready?

            Build me a crime scene. Show me one shred of evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Avery killed her.

            All of Kratz’s little nuggets have been debunked.

            1. He “lured her there”…I recommend you read the following from the trial from the auto-trader receptionist:

            Kratz: Now, when this man said that he — Let me start
            again. Remind me of the language, the specific
            language the man used in requesting the
            Dawn Pliszka: He had wanted the photographer that had been out
            there before.
            Kratz: Did he say why he wanted that same photographer?
            Dawn Pliszka: Because he had a mini van for sale.

            That sounds a lot like luring. Am I right?

            Oh wait, he “lured” Teresa to his property by using a fake name..B Janda, on Avery Road…which Dawn also testified that Teresa was aware was “Avery Brothers”…and she had just taken a photo for Tom Janda several weeks before. Not only that, but one of Teresa’s records had a “hustle shot” for Steven Avery where either she called him or he called her to earn a little extra money by taking a pic of a car not already on her log sheet. She did this often.

            He freaked her out by answering the door in his underwear. Bunk…He was in his kiddie pool and got out and put a towel on before approaching her, which would be the respectable thing to do. Also, as Dawn states in her testimony, all Teresa said to her about that was “ew” and laughed about it.

            Sweat DNA on the hood latch. Oh boy, such a biggie!! Considering there are no nucleated cells in sweat..that was the epitome of Kratz reaching for straws. But the kicker was acting completely surprised that “he must have opened the hood!! we can maybe get a print or DNA! WOW WE GOT DNA!” AFTER Brendan’s coerced confession. you know, where he was fed details like the hood was opened…however, he knew as well as everyone else did, the hood had to be opened when it was parked there…the battery was disconnected and everyone, including Kratz, who was on scene..knew that.

            Where to go next..oh, the *67 calls. Oh well, you got me with this one. Have no idea why Steven Avery used *67 and know what else I don’t know…and no one knows? We don’t know if Avery used *67 often…his previous months phone records were never submitted at trial. Non-issue..but I know this, as many prank calls as I made as a kid, if using *67 convicts you of murder, I am screwed because I made many a prank call when younger.

            I think I will stop there..see if you bother to offer a rebuttal. But I ask you for one little shred of hope before you do…Try reading the source material, the transcripts, the exhibits, the documents, learn the history of the place before you print an article like this, where you just take the Kratz, Nancy Grace and Dan O’ Donnel platform…because while I don’t have a forensic degree, a law degree nor do I particularly care for either…I retain information. I also use logic.

            Logical question for you here Mr. Phipps…and keep in mind, you are about to answer a question that involves two forensic geniuses that apparently knew how to scrub an entire trailer and garage of DNA…remember that before you answer this using ALL logic that you have inherited in your years..

            which makes more sense?

            That a body was burned off site, hot bones shoveled into a burn barrel, then transported to the Avery property and dumped..leading to bones being in both the pit and the barrel.


            That Avery and Dassey killed her in the garage, put her in the back of the car, drove the car where it was found, then dragged her body back to the pit, burned her, scooped up some of her bones and placed them in the burn barrel.

            Again, the entire trial transcripts are there for your perusal..I highly suggest you read source material before writing an article and sourcing one person who is sourcing another. That’s not ethical if you want readers to take you seriously.

            • It’s hard to take you seriously when you troll a website, anonymously, while using the user name you selected. That said, you’re one of the people who do baffle me where this case is concerned. You seem to be one of many who are completely obsessed with this case, so much so that you’ve read trial transcripts and spent who knows how much of your life typing overlong comments on sites like mine.

              No matter how much you obsess, no matter how many websites you troll, no matter how many days and hours of your life you waste on this, Steven Avery is never getting out of prison. Never. And I will be retired for many years before Brendan Dassey sees freedom. I’d advise you to move on with your life.

            • AinDC

              Re: sweat DNA on the hood latch – one of the evidence techs testified that he did not change his gloves between his time inspecting Avery’s vehicle and opening Teresa Halbach’s hood.

  • In my post I said that people who watch a few CSI episodes think they’re experts on forensics. Josh’s very lengthy, disorganized comment is exhibit A.

    • Josh

      As exhibit A your theory there is based on biased presumption as is your theory with Avory. I absolutely despise csi and all the other fake crime investigation TV shows.



    • Josh

      On a friendly note. I would love to listen to your podcast if you could be so kind as to attach a link. As I don’t wish to be biased I enjoy researching everything I can be it for or against Avery. Somehow I have a suspension that your comments follow closely with that of the sheriff’s department that undoubtedly had a conflict of interest to the investigation.

      By the way have you researched Charles Zipperer and his questionable activities and actions during the time of the murder. He only lived about 9 miles from the Avery yard. With recent recordings of the investigation released it would prove to you that the last place Teresa should have been was the Zipperer residence. Her phone call at I believe 2:13 pm on October 31 was to the Zipperer home answering machine talking about how she was having trouble finding the residents. After the outgoing 2:13 pm 10/31 phone call from her phone no other cell phone activity is shown besides incoming calls. This information is from the recorded phone call between investigators Mark Weigert and Dave Remiker. If you haven’t researched this I suggest you do so from an unbiased point of view.

      • It’s not my podcast; it is from Dan O’Donnell. The link is in my post.

        • Josh

          So basically the podcast is giving me a recap of what we all already know. In no way does it give disputable reasoning as to his guilt to that specific murder. The podcast essentially is saying that because he murdered a cat had 2 counts of burglary then carried out the act of indecent exposure and harassing his cousin he is guilty of murder.

          You know I hear all these arguments about it was one sided they didn’t show all the evidence. But that’s all I hear. OK I get it they didn’t show everything hear it all the time. What I don’t hear is what they didn’t show. What is so crucial to this investigation that was not shown? Please anybody tell me what was so important to this case that was ignored?

          Here are some important things on his innocence that wasn’t investigated.

          1 Colburns call to dispatch on November 3rd accurately describing plates and yr/make of vehicle. PRIOR TO BEING FOUND AT AVERY YARD!!!!!! SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE THAT WASN’T INVESTIGATED!!!

          2 Where is all the blood and dna from this brutal murder? EVERY HOMICIDE HAS A SUFFICIENT AMOUNT OF BLOOD AND/OR DNA AT THE SCENE OF THE MURDER. NOT THIS ONE!!!

          3 Where is the murder weapon? Via gun or knife. MURDER WEAPONS ARE USUALLY FOUND IN A HOMICIDE even if disposed of by the murderer.

          4 Why was DNA testing in a private lab prohibited for Averys lawyers? IF YOUR NOT HIDING ANYTHING WOULDN’T THIS FURTHER INCRIMINATE HIM?

          5 Why is the only evidence on the rav4 something that can be planted. Can’t plant finger prints with a swab can you. That’s why there isn’t any fingerprints

          6 The license plates somebody had to take them off the rav4 and put them in the back of that junk car. Where are DNA and fingerprints on that? That person would be directly tied to the murder. AVERYS PRINTS AND DNA WASN’T ON THE PLATES. THAT IS SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE!!! THAT WASN’T INVESTIGATED!

          7 Where is the rifling analysis on the bullet? That would be the only thing that could tie the bullet to Averys gun definitively. ALSO COMMON PRACTICE IN HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION TO LINK MURDER WEAPON!!!!

          8 The only thing that directly ties Avery to the murder is dassey confession he was there right? Had to be to see it and for it to be an honest confession. WAS HE IN A BIO-HAZARD SUIT OR SOMETHING THAT PREVENTED HIS DNA FROM CONTAMINATING the murder scene? And if that’s the case Teresa must have been in one to preventing her blood and DNA from contaminating the murder scene as well. Being that both of there DNA and/or blood is absent of the scene.

          9 It is absolutely impossible to burn a human body in less than 24 hours with a bon fire regardless of the heat intensity. Why where no chemical analysis ran on bone remains to find out what was used to fuel fire. Carbon compounds would have infused into the bone! Thus identifying exactly what was used and how the body was burned. YET THIS WASN’T INVESTIGATED AS WELL. SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE THAT WAS NOT INVESTIGATED!!!!

          10 MOTIVATION Steven Avery was about to receive up to 36 million dollars. The officers involved was about to face federal criminal charges for deliberate injustice. Not much motivation to murder someone knowing that your weeks away from being a MILLIONAIRE!!!!!

          The states insurance companies publicly denied responsibilities of the lawsuit because of injustice. Leaving the official’s involved in Avery lawsuit personally responsible for up to 36 million while facing federal charges. YOU CANNOT DENY THE AMOUNT OF MOTIVATION THAT COULD INSPIRE INTO THE GROUP OF PEOPLE EFFECTED BY THE STIPULATIONS OF THAT LAWSUIT!!

          I would be openly welcoming of any stated evidence that was left out and how it justifys the reasoning behind his incarceration!


          • Josh, you need to take a chill pill and calm down. You seem utterly obsessed with this case, especially if you actually did read 5,333 pages of transcripts. I’d advise you to move on with your life. Steven Avery is not going to get out of prison no matter what all you people with your Netflix detective badges come up with.

  • Kratz sucks ass

    This is literally the most idiotic reasoning for guilt. You’ve based your entire reasoning on the fact that BD confessed and refuse to accept that his confession was coerced and in no way adds up with the facts that there is no blood or DNA at the crime scenes. Take your lazy ass over to the reddit /r/MakingaMurderer/ forum and educate yourself before you make yourself sound even more stupid.

    • Coerced? The police told him they knew he was lying and to tell the truth. If that’s your definition of coercion then you must have a different dictionary from mine. His confession was legally obtained, admissible in court and was what sent him to prison.

      And if you want people to take you seriously, I’d recommend choosing a different user name. The one you selected just makes you look like a ridiculous troll.

  • Josh

    So what your saying is if you had a 16 year old son that was being questioned for murder. You as his father would be absolutely content with him being questioned without you or his lawyer present? I DON’T THINK SO!!!!!.

    As far as it being legitimate. Well I don’t know any defensive lawyer that would allow his investigator to make his client draw out the murder scene. Or anything that would further convict him for that matter.

    I notice that when your put into a factorial argument you can’t defend your statements. So you choose to insult the writer. Seems to be a pattern with you.

    You said that if I read all 5,000 pages of the transcripts that I am obsessed. I would think that being a writer you should understand how important it is to have the facts. You cannot obtain the facts without researching fully and correctly what you choose to write about hence READING COURT TRANSCRIPTS. Don’t be upset that many people have read them and that they are more educated on the subject than you are. Don’t be angry because some people choose to read the transcripts so that there arguments are accurate and proven by real facts. However you can be angry with yourself for being to lazy to educate yourself completely before posting a public article.

    P.S. I’m still waiting on the facts that support your article and dispute my objections to it!!! SERIOUSLY WHAT IS YOUR ARGUMENT THAT ABSOLUTELY NO DNA EXISTS AT THE MURDER SCENE? Without DNA from DASSEY OR HALBACH it cannot definitively be proven they were present at the presumed murder scene’s. Thus completely destroying Dasseys confession and the entire murder case!!

    OK I’m ready, start insulting me with ignorance. And write something obnoxious because you can’t support your own article.

    • What anyone thinks about Dassey’s confession is irrelevant. It was ruled legal and admissible.

      I will not be drawn into an argument about this case. You’re wasting your time trying. This is not Reddit.

      The fact that you’re still harping on this and you keep coming back here to comment just furthers my belief that you’re obsessed. Thirty-two years from now when Dassey is eligible for parole, will you still be arguing about this case on the Internet? Let it go, Josh. Live your life.

  • Josh

    I also suppose that you believe because Kratts did such an honorable job convicting Avery and Dassey. Being that your so supportive of the conviction. Kratts sexual harassment situation is just obbserd and that we should stop perusing justice for those young ladies as well.



  • Josh

    I find the comments to your article entertaining now. People objecting your article with definitive arguments. While watching you struggle to support your article and reverting to childish slander.

    Just further proof you and your argument is bulging at the seams with bias ignorance.

    • The only “definitive argument” I need is that the juries heard the cases, convicted both murderers and they were sentenced to prison. Case closed. Appeals denied. Pardon denied.

      Bias? You bet I’m biased; always am against murderers.

      You should think about delving into the Kennedy assassination. It would probably be appealing to you.

  • Josh

    If your not looking for arguments then you should probably reconsider posting articles.

    Kinda comes with the territory! Expecially online.

  • Josh

    So the long list of convicted “case closed” criminals. That have been proven NOT GUILTY after further investigation is irrelevant? What you are saying is they should not have been allowed to seek further investigation to prove there innocence because guilty verdict was reached and the case is closed. That is accurately depicting your statement correct?

    • Further investigation… Is that how you see this? That you and the other Internet sleuths with your Netflix detective badges are going to crack this case and get some murderers out of prison? Good luck, Josh.

      • james

        you are nothing more than in internet sleuth yourself, you just said you got all your information from someone else’s podcast, but condemn people for doing real research.

        • I condemn no one. If you, Josh and the others want to spend your lives obsessing over a couple of murderers, one of whom admitted it, go right ahead. I have better things to do with my time.

  • james

    Well, i can say we are all entitled to our own opinion. My problem with Charles is his replys to people who simply want to debate. He personally attacks people for spending too much time on reading transcripts. for 1, im pretty sure you could have read the transcripts in the time you spent listening to that podcast, and maybe develope your own opinion on the case, how do you attack people for reading the transcripts. You obviosly are “obsessed” enough with the case that you decided to write an article. so don’t attack people who have actually done research instead of regurgitating what they hear on someone elses podcast

    • James, welcome to OK Politechs and thanks for stopping by. Please don’t confuse this site with Reddit. This is not a site created for debates. If you think my comments have been “attacks” then I’d say you need to grow some thicker skin. And yes, reading more than 5,000 pages of court transcripts when you don’t have to is an obsession. If you want to call me writing a blog post an obsession, power to you. But here’s the thing, James. I wrote the post and then I moved on. I wrote about other things. I had no further interest in this case until someone apparently linked this page somewhere and everyone started pouring in to try to start an argument. Try finding a hobby, James. Something else you like to do. Obsessing over this case is never going to give you satisfaction in life.

      • james

        i respectfully disagree. whether Wisconsin wants to believe it or not. this isnt a case about SA and BD, that is NOT why people are upset. it is about government corruption, and how far this goes no one has any clue. sure you are going to say that i need to be wearing a tin foil hat to say that. Ill just say this, im not from WI, but i have spoken on the phone with residents from MC who are AFRAID for their saftey to express their opinion, not only about SA and BD, but many other cases they personally believe the sheiffs department wrongfully convicted innocent men. you can insult people all you want for thinking this is a big issue in our country, or you can take off your blinders now before its too late. do you want to be the supporter of this corruption when it gets exposed.

        • If you really believe all that then I’d respectfully suggest you’re wasting your time commenting on my site. No comment you make on here is going to convince anyone of anything happening at a rural county in Wisconsin.

  • I’d like to thank all those who stopped by to read this post and at this time I will be closing the comments. Time to move on to other subjects. If you’re wanting to discuss this case further or argue about it there’s apparently a page for it on Reddit that should be to your liking.