Final Post

This will be my final post on OK Politechs. I have had great difficulty for quite a while in motivating myself to write. Writing has never come easy for me and I’m finding that the time required to write a post with which I’m satisfied is something I’m no longer willing to invest.  I have other projects that have been receiving most of my time and I have decided to allow my domain to expire as scheduled on September 3, 2016.  My website will be available until that day but I will not be posting again.

I do plan to stay active on Twitter and you can follow me at @cmpokc. I will also be keeping the OK Politechs Facebook page up and running and will be sharing there when time permits. If you don’t already, please follow my page.

Thank you to all who have read or subscribed to my blog over the past several years. There was no point in writing if no one was reading. 

And much thanks to Larry Jackson of Political Realities. When I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress his help and advice was invaluable and greatly contributed to the success of my site. Thanks, Larry. You made it so much easier.

Thanks for reading.

Charles M. Phipps


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2 comments to Final Post

  • LD Jackson

    I was glad to help you along, Charles.

    As you can tell from my own blog, the writing has stopped. I simply ran out of the wherewithal to continue writing. I enjoyed it, for the most part, but I began to question the possible good that I was doing. I question if anything was accomplished and even though I thought about joining the fray during the primary season, I decided against it. Just not worth it, considering the obligations I have and the desire to focus on my family and my music.

    I’ll see you around, Charles. I already follow you on Facebook and will continue to do so.

    • I also have run out of the wherewithal. I just can’t justify to myself the amount of time required to write anymore. There are too many other things I enjoy doing far more.

      See you on Facebook.