OK Politechs http://www.charlesmphipps.net The Right Assessment Tue, 16 Jan 2018 20:56:10 +0000 en-US hourly 1 57285118 My Obligatory Review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi http://www.charlesmphipps.net/obligatory-review-star-wars-last-jedi/ http://www.charlesmphipps.net/obligatory-review-star-wars-last-jedi/#respond Tue, 16 Jan 2018 20:56:10 +0000 http://www.charlesmphipps.net/?p=3267 I finally got around to seeing Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Sure, it’s been out for quite a while, but I don’t like big crowds at movie theaters so I always wait to go see a film. I typically wait so I’m not in a packed theater with a bunch of people who don’t know how to be quiet. And going to see this movie just validated my thinking since there were only six other people in the theater and four of them acted like they were watching it in the privacy of their own living room. People seem to be a lot ruder at the theater than in the past.

It seems like everyone who has seen Jedi has written a review for it so I suppose one more wouldn’t hurt. And I won’t be holding back on spoilers so if you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve been warned. Actually, if you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to go ahead and read this so you’ll be warned what a piece of garbage you could avoid seeing.

I [...] → Keep reading

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Gender Neutral Pronoun Insanity at the University of Oklahoma http://www.charlesmphipps.net/gender-neutral-pronoun-insanity-university-oklahoma/ Thu, 07 Dec 2017 21:10:00 +0000 http://www.charlesmphipps.net/?p=3245 A few decades ago when I was at the University of Oklahoma there weren’t a bunch of snowflakes on campus demanding a ‘safe space,’ nobody was protesting anything and campus politics were pretty benign. Probably the most important concern shared among the students was if the Sooners football team could win another national title. Fast forward to 2017 and while the football team is still contending for another title, it appears campus politics are now anything but benign.

The OU Gender + Equality Center, which did not exist when I was there, has an ‘Ally’ program which is “an LGBTQ cultural and awareness training that allows participants to focus on understanding LGBTQ concepts and issues, developing an awareness of biases and recognizing heterosexual and cisgender privilege, and exploring their own ally journey and ways to become an advocate to create an LGBTQ-affirming campus.”

This Ally program has a 40 page resource guide that includes a ‘Gender Neutral Pronouns Chart’ for students to use when addressing their classmates. I don’t know how people can present something like this and expect [...] → Keep reading

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Sacrificing Principles for Political Expediency http://www.charlesmphipps.net/sacrificing-principles-political-expediency/ Mon, 27 Nov 2017 20:46:20 +0000 http://www.charlesmphipps.net/?p=3210 There’s nothing like an election to show how much value people place on their principles. For those on the left, casting a vote for the most politically selfish of reasons is effortless since the left has no principles. Those on the right used to be guided by conservative principles, but it seems to be becoming more common for the right to abandon principle in favor of the same politically selfish reasons exhibited by the left. Win the seat, at all costs, and the character of your candidate is irrelevant.

The dictionary defines principles as “an accepted or professed rule of action or conduct.” For those on the left, the only accepted or professed rule of conduct is to use an elected position to promote leftist ideals and programs. Any degenerate who does that will always be voted for, defended and supported by those on the left. Bill Clinton is the chief example of this premise with many others on the left being exposed (pun unintended) in the last few years as lewd miscreants who used their positions of power to [...] → Keep reading

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Manson Murders Still Captivating, Half a Century Later http://www.charlesmphipps.net/manson-murders-still-captivating-half-century-later/ Thu, 23 Nov 2017 07:50:27 +0000 http://www.charlesmphipps.net/?p=3196 After the news earlier this week about the long overdue death of Charles Manson, there were, of course, many responses on the Internet, ranging from celebration to claims that Manson and President Trump had similarities. Countless comments referenced Manson’s fiery destination and his eternity in the depths of hell, with more than one person saying even hell was too good for Manson. What was really too good for Manson was almost forty-six years of life after the jury at his murder trial gave him a death sentence. When the California Supreme Court banned capital punishment in the state, Manson’s sentence was automatically modified to life and, incredibly, he would be eligible for parole. Fortunately, he never had a chance at being granted parole as his crimes were so notorious that he was never going to see freedom. Nor have his three co-defendants, Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houten and Patricia Krenwinkel. Atkins was even denied ‘compassionate release’ after developing terminal brain cancer and having a leg amputated. She died in prison. Van Houten has been recommended for parole twice now, but [...] → Keep reading

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Gun Confiscation an Unrealistic Leftist Fantasy http://www.charlesmphipps.net/gun-confiscation-unrealistic-leftist-fantasy/ Thu, 16 Nov 2017 20:52:03 +0000 http://www.charlesmphipps.net/?p=3082 After the recent mass shootings in Sutherland Springs, Texas and California, the media, Democrats and the leftist cabal in Hollywood went on their usual rants of demanding something be done. The knee-jerk responses to any shooting came as expected, with all the usual suspects putting out their same-old press releases, tweets and editorials. All they need do is change the date on them.

It’s hard to take them seriously when gun-grabbers continually demand that “something be done” but never do say that the ‘something’ is. They never get specific because they don’t have a clue what to do. It’s always interesting to me that lefties continually blame the availability of guns for mass shootings but never want to discuss the decay of society that has fostered an environment friendly to those bent on mass murder. They never want to discuss the decay because their leftist ideals and programs are responsible for it.

So they blame the guns and demand “something be done.” More gun laws? The ones we have aren’t working so why would more gun laws do anything? Some [...] → Keep reading

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State Question 640 a Target for Tax & Spend Liberals http://www.charlesmphipps.net/state-question-640-target-tax-spend-liberals/ Tue, 14 Nov 2017 18:48:40 +0000 http://www.charlesmphipps.net/?p=3015 Since its passage in 1992, tax & spenders in the Oklahoma legislature have been continually frustrated by the restrictions placed on them by State Question 640 and this year’s special session of the legislature is highlighting that disdain. After the largest tax increase in a century failed to receive the required three-fourths vote for passage, proponents of House Bill 1054X were quick to complain about the three-fourths requirement placed on the legislature by State Question 640.

House Speaker Charles McCall (R-Atoka) called SQ640 a “high hurdle.” Yes, and it was intended to be such.

While the House members were on the floor debating HB 1054X I heard one representative actually complain about the three-fourths requirement, saying that it would only be fair if a three-fourths vote was also required to lower taxes. I wish I’d noted which one of our elected sages had the chutzpah to actually say that on the floor of the House.

I noted a column about SQ 640 this morning on NonDoc, a liberal news & opinion site that seems to have become popular with Oklahoma [...] → Keep reading

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Facebook Wants Your Nude Pics http://www.charlesmphipps.net/facebook-wants-nude-pics/ Thu, 09 Nov 2017 17:22:47 +0000 http://www.charlesmphipps.net/?p=2979 I wasn’t aware how common ‘revenge porn’ has been until I saw an article in the LA Times this morning. According to a study mentioned in the article, 4% of U.S. internet users have been victims of revenge porn and 10% of women under 30 have had someone threaten to post explicit photos of them on the internet against their will.

My first question is why are so many people stupid enough to either take nude photos of themselves or allow them to be taken? It’s not possible to be a victim of revenge porn unless you’ve got some nude photos of yourself out there in the digital world.

But, never fear, Facebook is here to save the day!

Let’s say you have a spiteful ex who decides to embarrass you by posting a nude photo that was supposed to be private. Facebook Inc. says if you send a copy of the photo to it first, it will make sure the picture never shows up on its site.

But can you trust Facebook? The company says it won’t store the [...] → Keep reading

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The Oklahoma Legislature May Need You to Start Smoking http://www.charlesmphipps.net/oklahoma-legislature-may-need-start-smoking/ Sun, 13 Aug 2017 03:10:10 +0000 http://www.charlesmphipps.net/?p=2938 A question from David Van Risseghem on his Facebook page got me thinking. He asked, “Hey? Is the impending special session being called to help folks quit smoking? Or just to get more money?”

Very quick background for those who don’t know – During the last Oklahoma legislative session a bill was passed enacting a $1.50 per pack ‘cessation fee.’ Senate Bill 845, the Smoking Cessation and Prevention Act of 2017, was designed to bring in about $215 million into the state coffers. Earlier this week the state Supreme Court ruled the bill violates the Oklahoma Constitution for various reasons that are completely correct but not relevant to the discussion here.

Now the question is what to do about the $215 million in taxes (note – taxes, not ‘fees’) that the state will not be receiving, but was included by the legislature in the 2017-2018 budget appropriations. Conventional wisdom seems to be that the governor will call for a special session of the legislature. I’d say that’s a certainty as soon as the legislative leadership devises a plan to [...] → Keep reading

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Kid Rock for the Senate? Don’t Be Daft http://www.charlesmphipps.net/kid-rock-senate-dont-daft/ Thu, 10 Aug 2017 20:34:54 +0000 http://www.charlesmphipps.net/?p=2910 I’ll never understand the celebrity worship in this country. Someone makes a few movies, stars in a television show or has some hit songs and all of a sudden people are falling prostrate before the celebrity and swearing total emotional devotion. Celebrity worship played a role in Donald Trump being elected president and even he seemed to be aware of it, saying that he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and he wouldn’t lose any supporters.

And now there is a lot of talk about electing Kid Rock (real name Robert Ritchie) to the U.S. Senate from the state of Michigan. Seriously? Why? What is it about this man that appeals to people, politically? When word first broke of his possible candidacy, I was stunned at the number of people who seem to think it’s a great idea. Even Texas Governor Greg Abbott seemed excited about the possibility of Senator Ritchie.

IT’S HAPPENING! New poll has Kid Rock leading Debbie Stabenow. THIS will shake up Washington. #tcot #PJNET @TexasGOP https://t.co/HtRWFe5U8m

— Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) July 24, 2017

[...] → Keep reading

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Was the 17th Amendment a Mistake? http://www.charlesmphipps.net/17th-amendment-mistake/ Mon, 31 Jul 2017 19:51:17 +0000 http://www.charlesmphipps.net/?p=2892 After Senate Republicans failed to pass a bill last week repealing major parts of Obamacare, including the individual mandate, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee sent an interesting tweet that has been given a lot of attention.

Time to repeal 17th Amendment. Founders had it right-Senators chosen by state legislatures. Will work for their states and respect 10th amid

— Gov. Mike Huckabee (@GovMikeHuckabee) July 28, 2017

In an age when a lot of people probably couldn’t even tell you who their own representatives are, I would not expect most people to know about the 17th Amendment and how it changed the way Senators are elected. To save you having to Google it, the 17th Amendment was ratified in 1913 and established the election of Senators by the people. Previously, Senators were elected by state legislatures.

To my mind, the 17th Amendment is just another nail in federalism’s coffin.

When the Founders wrote the Constitution one of their concerns was the preservation and protection of state’s rights. The federal government was never, ever intended [...] → Keep reading

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Have I Traveled to a Parallel Universe? http://www.charlesmphipps.net/traveled-parallel-universe/ Thu, 18 May 2017 01:46:54 +0000 http://www.charlesmphipps.net/?p=2875 In every movie and television episode I can think of where the protagonist somehow travels to a parallel universe, one of the chief differences is that those who are good and bad have swapped roles. I’m outing myself as a Trekkie here, but the most notable example I can think of is the original Star Trek series episode, Mirror, Mirror, in which Captain Kirk and others accidentally swap universes with their counterparts. Kirk suddenly finds that the Federation is a conquering empire and his ship, the Enterprise, is a battleship sent on a mission of domination and murder.

I haven’t yet worked out the science of it how it happened but I think I may have been transported to a parallel universe.

For weeks now the news from the Oklahoma state capitol building has been proposal after proposal to increase ‘revenues’ by various methods. Let’s pause for a moment here and dispel the euphemism, ‘revenues,’ and call it by its true name, taxes. Anytime you read or hear someone say the word ‘revenues’ just automatically replace it word the word [...] → Keep reading

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Is Marrying A Computer Coming? http://www.charlesmphipps.net/marrying-computer-coming/ Wed, 19 Apr 2017 16:18:26 +0000 http://www.charlesmphipps.net/?p=2819 If you think being allowed to marry a computer sounds ridiculous, so did same-sex marriage in the past. I never would have thought in my younger days that two men or two women would be legally allowed to get married. And not only that, failing to participate in the festivities could find you in legal hot water, sued out of business and up to your eyeballs in debt if you’re a florist or cake maker and opt to not put your stamp of approval on such an event.

We live in strange times. And it seems the times are on the cusp of getting even stranger.

A man named Chris Sevier is suing the state of Utah for the right to marry his laptop. The Utah Attorney General’s Office tried to have the lawsuit dismissed for a number of reasons, the main one being that a laptop cannot consent to marriage. But, a federal judge declined to dismiss the suit and allowed Sevier to amend his complaint.

Fox 13 Salt Lake – “For example, the Proposed Amended Complaint alleges Mr. [...] → Keep reading

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Oklahoma the Worst State for Women http://www.charlesmphipps.net/oklahoma-worst-state-women/ Sat, 01 Apr 2017 05:28:33 +0000 http://www.charlesmphipps.net/?p=2808 Five years ago this week I wrote a post called Oklahoma – Second Worst in which I noted the now-defunct website iVillage.com ranking Oklahoma as the “second worst” state for women. The reason? A lack of abortion providers in our state.

“Choice is extremely limited in Oklahoma, where 96 percent of counties have no abortion provider and there are only six such doctors in the entire state. Health insurance companies are banned from covering the procedures (except in cases of rape, incest or threat to the mother’s life.) Women seeking an abortion have to wait 24 hours after undergoing a sonogram where they will be offered a chance to view the fetus and are required to listen to a description of the image on the screen. The state legislature is working to limit choice even further. The state Senate recently passed a Personhood bill that gives legal personhood rights to embryos from the moment of fertilization. The bill is awaiting action in the House. A “Heartbeat” bill requiring doctors to tell women they have the right to hear the [...] → Keep reading

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OK County Sheriff – Just Say No to Mike Christian http://www.charlesmphipps.net/ok-county-sheriff-just-say-no-mike-christian/ Fri, 31 Mar 2017 19:48:13 +0000 http://www.charlesmphipps.net/?p=2783 Of the seven people running for Oklahoma County Sheriff it’s hard to imagine that any of them could have a worse record than Mike Christian. If you live in Oklahoma County I’m sure you’ve been receiving his almost daily mailers touting the Purple Heart award he received as an OHP trooper. As if that makes him qualified to be our sheriff. But there are a lot of things in Mike Christian’s background that will never be on his mailers because they show dishonesty, unethical behavior and just plain shadiness.

Here’s what he doesn’t want you to know.

NewsOK – The Republican candidate for Oklahoma County sheriff was disciplined while a state trooper for misconduct involving a female police cadet and for lying during an internal affairs investigation, a notice of the action shows.

Mike Christian also was disciplined for bringing beers to cadets at the Oklahoma Police Corps academy in Ada.

Christian was found to have violated the patrol’s rules of conduct while a counselor in 2001 at the patrol-run police academy for college graduates. After the internal affairs investigation, [...] → Keep reading

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OK State Rep. Carol Bush Shows Her Pro-Abortion Colors http://www.charlesmphipps.net/ok-state-rep-carol-bush-shows-pro-abortion-colors/ Thu, 09 Feb 2017 17:27:56 +0000 http://www.charlesmphipps.net/?p=2773 Yesterday at the Oklahoma State Capitol was Rose Day, an annual day when hundreds gather at the capitol building to express their belief in the sanctity of human life by meeting with representatives and senators and presenting them with red roses. How ironic that on the same day, the House Public Health Committee voted to reject a bill that would have banned abortions that are based on a diagnosis of genetic disorder or Down syndrome.

A summary of the bill, HB1549, from the Oklahoma legislature website:

The introduced measure prohibits the performance of an abortion solely because the unborn child has been diagnosed with either Down Syndrome or a genetic abnormality or has the potential for a genetic abnormality. A physician or person who knowingly violates the measure will be held liable, have their medical license suspended or revoked, and be fined not less than fifty thousand dollars. A woman upon whom an abortion is performed in violation of the measure will not be held criminally or civilly liable.

Republicans joining the lone Democrat on the committee in [...] → Keep reading

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